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Starting price is for our 2'x2'x6' Large retaining wall block. Smooth grey. 3600lbs Can be colored and/or textured.

What's the difference between our Super Block and an Eco-Block?

Our Super Blocks are poured from fresh 5000psi precast concrete and can be used for a wide variety of projects. In most cases, you will experience more longevity and a more uniform appearance from a Super Block. They are also available with different textures that can give a more visually appealing look.  

Eco-Blocks or “ecology blocks” are typically made from waste/leftover material that concrete producers would otherwise throw away and are made from varying qualities of concrete. Often the structural integrity can not be verified. These blocks are used for things such as traffic control, weights, or projects where the integrity, look, or longevity of the block is less important.

V-Interlock Super retaining wall block

SKU: 0070
  • We have a variety of delivery options available. For rates and availability contact us at 406-245-4635. You can also schedule yard pickup.

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